Gallery Weekend Chicago was founded in 2011 by Gallerist Monique Meloche to support the local gallery scene and the newly launched EXPO Chicago (art fair) in September and continued every year from 2011-2015.
In 2016, due in part to the success of EXPO and the full September calendar of events, Gallery Weekend Chicago moved it’s programming from September to November. In 2017, Gallery Weekend Chicago also introduced the EXPANDED exhibition in March 2017- this is planned to be an annual spring exhibition project with plans for 2018 already in the works. Currently, both GWC and EXPANDED are managed by Michael Hall in conversation with GWC gallery members.
Director: Michael Hall
Gallery Outreach: Vicki Anton & Allie Beck (galleryweekends@gmail.com)
Marketing: Tess Haratonik & Cici Wang (galleryweekends@gmail.com)
Development: Emily Crum & Leigh Holmes  (galleryweekends@gmail.com)