GWC has initiated a new quarterly project scheduled for release in Spring 2019.

The Quarterly Art Guide has listings of all your favorite chicago galleries and offspaces, and an interview section organized in cooperation with CAW (Chicago Artist Writers)



Clay Mahn at Devening Projects

 Gallery Weekend Chicago introduced the EXPANDED Exhibition project in March 2017. Presenting 25 solo positions organized by 25 GWC galleries featuring artists from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Berlin…


Jonathan Muecke (objects) at Volume
Valerie Blass (sculptures) at Jeux d'ete
Jessica Stockholder at Kavi Gupta
Daniel G. Baird at PATRON
Brendan Fernandes at Monique Meloche

participating artists included:

Rita Ackermann w/ Soccer Club Club

Nick Albertson w/  Apect Ratio Projects

Melina Ausikaitis w/  Regards

Daniel G. Baird w/  PATRON

Valerie Blass w/ Juex d’ete

Monika Bravo & Amalie Jakobsen w/ Efrain Lopez Gallery

Chris Bradley w/ Shane Campbell Gallery

Dominik Di Meo w/ Corbett vs Dempsey

Brendan Fernandes w/ Monique Meloche

Danny Giles w/ Andrew Rafacz

Andrew Holmquist w/ Secrist Gallery

Shane Huffman W/ 65Grand

James Krone & Jessica Stockholder w/ KAVI GUPTA

Sterling Lawrence w/ DOCUMENT

loyola_condensor w/ Lawrence & Clark

Clay Mahn w/ Devening Projects

Jaclyn Mednicov w/ The FRANKLIN

Jonathan Muecke w/ Volume

Jeroen Nelemans w/ John Preus w/ Rhona Hofmann Gallery

Jack Schneider & Alison Veit w/ Beautiful

Chaveli Sifre w/ Produce Model

Orkideh Torabi w/ Western Exhibitions

Margaret Welsh w/ weekends